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The first job of my life was publishing company in Hamamatsu 人生最初の仕事は浜松の出版社でした

A Nikon camera, three lenses, a small electronic flash, and a cassette tape recorder were placed on the jalopy Bluebird SSS purchased for 50,000 yen,

covering the area around the Tenryu River.

From the Shinshu Suwa Lake to the sea of Enshu estuary, the area around the flow of 200 kilometers is divided into various aspects such as the lives of the people,history,climate,culture.and interviewing of various people like local historians, fishermen, lumberjacks, farmers, shrines and temples, government offices

and craftsmen.

I drove 30,000 km by interviewing of various people and taking photos of scenery.
Sometime the road was cut off by a landslide due to a heavy typhoon, and I stayed in a car for three days in the mountains.

Most of the things like hot water that were poured from a large can were not hot water but sake. I prefer to take Rather than simply refusing to shut down the narrator's mouth,I drank it as it was poured. and everytime spent the night in the car.

The local photographer community didn't accept strangers, and the only professional camera shop that didn't accept film development,

so it inevitably made a round trip to Tokyo for development and film procurement. From the staff of proshop in Tokyo being nicknamed “Hamamatsu Express” ,

and  the first job as a professional photographer brought a lot of valuable experiences.









Japan Airlines Jobs


The fact that I worked for Japan Airlines at this time was very significant.
In the transition from semi-goverment management to full privatization, advertising is undergoing trial-and-error transition from traditional conservative visuals

to marketing-conscious ones.
That big accident happened. After all production work was canceled and the entire company, including outsourced production, worked together to settle the accident,
The first production to be resumed was an overseas aircraft maintenance brochure.
Japan Airlines maintenance factories were in charge of aircraft maintenance by overseas airlines, but after the accident, the number of companies that made contracts increased rapidly.
In order to restore trust as one of the world's leading aircraft maintenance factories, by publishing detailed maintenance work details that are originally confidential,
The aim was to appeal to the world the latest technologies and excellent systems that couldn't be found anywhere else.
When I was asked to shoot, I met with the Haneda and Narita maintenance plant managers and department managers repeatedly, and visited the site many times to think about the concept of how to show it.
The filming period, originally scheduled for two weeks, exceeded two months, and the days of sleeplessness continued. Narita's maintenance plant manager spoke to me

when I was exhausted with good physical fitness and energy.

"Even though you are an outsider, you are responsible for this job more than anyone else. This maintenance shop wastes 30 million dollars a day

if you stop the entire work. Become,
But if you ask me to do that, we'll stop factory working for anydays and help you photo shoot together. On behalf of the company,

thank you for showing your pride in your work. ”

It was a moment when I feel glad to do this job.
















Work in singapore


At that time, Singapore was in the second stage of national growth since independence.

While everything is changing at a tremendous speed and mass, such as building rushes for high-rise buildings and hotels, subway maintenance,

and beautification of the city, along with rapid economic growth.

Many Japanese companies entered the market. While construction companies called Japanese general contractors gathered together to construct the city, major home appliance manufacturers and food manufacturers established new factories one after another, and became a base for sending products to Asian markets. Along with that, branches of major Japanese department stores have been opened one after another for many Japanese people stationed there.

Singapore in the advertising world is the most eastern part of the European market, with many European advertising agencies having branches,

and the advertising style was mainly authentic, with an emphasis on branding.

With the advancement of Japanese companies, the advertising style is now demanding an American type of mass consumption.
Because there were many Japanese who were not good at English, there were a lot of shooting orders, and the studio continued shooting until midnight every day.

All the staff except me are local people who speak Chinese and I understand only English and Japanese, so I couldn't understand their conversation at first.

I were often invited to staff houses and client parties, and we can touch the customs of various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

The life style of Englishmen in particular was an elegant thing reminiscent of the colonial era.











Work with MARUI


Working with MARUI has been for over 30 years.
MARUI is unique among department stores, not only supporting everything from living alone in the city, but also full of fashionable and casual proposals,
It was a center of life for young people.

The concept of advertising is also required to be fashionable, bright and cool, and the staff is proud that they are making a brand image of MARUI.
In the field, the work of wiping out wisdom and ideas, uncompromising, continued.
It was a lot of fun to see the effort appear in the results.








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